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SUPERMARKET is an experiment in co-creation with supermarket workers, professional actors, volunteer participants and a supermarket DJ. The show turns a lens on the lives of ordinary people working at the coalface of capitalism, as it eats itself and drags us all into a rapidly escalating climate disaster.
This film shows some of our ideas in progress at the end of 5 days of devising, which we performed to a small invited audience at Cambridge Junction.

The sound and composition are by Roly Botha, the lighting and video by Richard Williamson.

The performers are Hannah Ringham, Sharan Atwal, Susannah Cann, Tom Chamberlain, Nana Amoo-Gotfried and Nigel Barrett.

The chorus of shoppers are Hal Morley, Laura Edwards, Angela Neenan, Diego Robirosa, Anna Morley, Beverly Sharp, Elizabeth Thorn, Zoe Stockwell, Asher Guy, Fiammetta Doria, Jaqui Fairfax and Ebony Goodliffe.

SUPERMARKET is the second part of a major trilogy of work - a portrait of England over 10 years from a working-class perspective.

The first part MARGATE/DREAMLAND toured the UK to wide-scale acclaim, following a 4 year co-creation with the community of Margate, Kent.

This R&D was supported by Cambridge Junction, Stobbs New ideas Fund and the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Filming by Liam Togher

To see the full work in progress click here

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