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Party Skillls For The End Of The World

Manchester International Festival ‘17

A celebration of the people of Manchester in the wake of the the horrific events of May 2017

“I can imagine a LOT of people will go to Party Skills and come out having had the best night of their lives – and they should, and I’m glad that they will. One of the first comments I made after I came out of Party Skills was “It’s very Manchester”. I didn’t explain that, because I wasn’t sure what that meant –  it was simply a feeling. A few days later, I’ll try to describe it. It feels broadly political, but it’s also personal. It’s learning, it’s communal, it’s like nothing else. It’s an enormous house party with surprises and mad dancing (if you want) and music that envelopes you if you give in to it. That’s what’s very Manchester, to me at least. You’ll have your own Manchester, and your own experience of Party Skills."
Laura Maley


Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari have created this immersive, chaotic and high-spirited performance to help you get by when the end of the world is nigh. Party Skills for the End of the World asks us to celebrate our experiences and our individuality and resist the fear that stifles our enjoyment of living.
It's a site-specific show, set in the corridors, labs and vaults of Salford’s Centenary Building, which blurs the boundaries between performance and spectatorship. Who are the performers here and who are the audience? And arguably, one of the strengths of this show – is that you never really know.
This is intelligent, immersive performance on a grand scale.
Party Skills for the End of the World is an innovative experience and as a member of the audience – the more you contribute to the performance, the more you get out. The performance stays with you long after you have left the wild confines of the Centenary Building and certainly fuels a conversation that carries on long after the dancing has ended."

Kristy Stott Upstaged Manchester ****

Gemma Ashcroft


LOVED ‪#partyskillsfortheendoftheworld ‪ Fun, surprising and moving at times. One of the most memorable things I've ever seen


If you do one thing this year do this, absolutely brilliant, I've never seen anything quite like it ‪#partyskills ‪#MIF17

Nicole Kenny


What a night! ‪#PartySkills ‪@MIFestival is amazing! Forget end of the world - that should happen every night

Geek Girl Up North
"This morning, we may ache from all the dancing, but one thing is certain, that was the best night out we’ve had in a long time. If that was how the world had ended, I’d be ok with that."

Jake Garriock


Party Skills for The End Of The World had me crying tears of joy at my own pathetic humanity. Recommended.

Linford Butler

Phwoar. Party Skills for the End of the World @MIFestival was incredible. Textured, well-told and infectious fun

Iain Brassington 

Still not sure what to make of ‪#partyskills, but I can now snare a rabbit, make a lava-lamp, and turn a teaspoon into a weapon. ‪#MIF17

Kristy Stott


I've learnt more useful things tonight at ‪#PartySkillsForTheEndoftheWorld than I did during my 5 years at Grammar School ‪@MIFestival - INSANE


Still not sure what I just experienced but I’m drunk and have a party bag so it’s all good! ‪

Duncan Elliott


Saw ‪@MIFestival Party Skills for the End of the World last night. Absolutely incredible!!

Mark Roberts

#partyskills blew me away...... totally amazing!


Martin Sutherland


"Good people of the world, what is that we fear?" asks Party Skills ‪@MIFestival. "Immersive theatre" would be my usual reply. Not this time!

Harriet Mallion‏ @MissMallion
Super impressed by #PartySkills @MIFestival tonight Loved every minute.

Rachel Fox 



Hands down ‪#partyskillsfortheendoftheworld is the best thing at ‪#MIF this year.

Laura Maley


Get a group of friends and see for yourself. The concept, design & staging is simply fantastic. It's strange & brilliant. I hated it. I loved it. It's very Manchester. ‪#MIF17 ‪

Graham Whitehead

Absolutely loved ‪#partyskillsfortheendoftheworld ... mad, bonkers, strange, wonderful! ‪@MIFestival


What an incredible, entertaining, intellectual show-party tonight. So relevant, moving and engaging.

Stephen Sorrell


So much fun but also disturbing and thought provoking ‪#partyskills ‪@MIFestival well done

Jonathan Collins

Exciting, bizzare, insightful, great fun. ‪@MIFestival just delivered an amazing experience ‪#partyskills for the end of the world! Superb!

Pip Rustage


Loved every weird second of it x

Camilla Thomas


#partyskillsfortheendoftheworld - a thought-churning event


Megan Marie Griffith


If you've not got ‪#PartySkills tickets ‪@MIFestival yet GET ON IT! Best 2 hours entertainment/experience ever - absolutely loved it

Jenny Gaskell


I don't think I'd even witnessed pure joy until I saw ‪@Emmott_Sarah dancing at the end of the world ‪#MIF17

Pip Rustage

The most bananas thing. So much fun and also deeply poignant

Mark Roberts


‪Speech at #party Skills tonight. Took my breath away. #mif



Came home from ‪#partyskills with my brother and had a little chat about how amazing life really is!


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