Research and development
@ Rich Mix 

with VR City

In 2019 we began prototyping and testing a new, completely original idea combining live performance and Virtual Reality for an audience of 50. We wanted to experiment using VR in a new way - not to transport an audience to another place, but to change their perception of the space they are currently in, the people they are with and who they are. We discovered that playing between the two platforms opened up an infinity mirror of other possible dimensions.
The work is inspired by the novels British sci-fi author John Wyndham.

Devised by the company
Design : Mydd Pharo
Design Assistant : Kirsty Harris
Video and lighting design : Josh Pharo
VR specialists : Ashley Cowen, Darren Emerson
VR Camera : Dom Dowbekin 
Sound and live music : Jon Mcloed, Anna Clock
Producer : Josh McNorton
Technical dramaturg : Sarah Readman

Performers :
Chris Brett Bailey, James Newton, Tom Bostock, Will Thompson, Peter Hubble, Yasmin Hafeji, Nicole Jebeli.

With many thanks for the unwavering generous support of Jeffrey Garner

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