Let’s Be Bees

Meet the beekeeper, dress as a bee, make yourself some wings, grab a comb and paper for buzzing and then you can use the map to find the flowers hidden around the park. But watch out for the badgers !
When you return a hero the Queen Bee will reward you with bread and honey and a victory celebration.
Good luck. Brave bees.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
2015. Free & unticketed.

‘I just wanted to write to say how brilliant the bee event was. We stumbled on it at the end of a hot day with a grumpy child and it totally transformed our afternoon! It was magical and funny, the flowers were so patient, and the whole thing changed the experience of the park so much that at one point my four year old son asked ARE WE REALLY BEES??”

Design Ginger Johnson
Producer Beckie Darlington
Bee Expert Esther Coles
Technical and Production George Tomlinson
Made with the support of Arts Council England, LLDC and the Yard Theatre Hackney Wick.

Images by Mathew Kaltenborn and Inigo Alcaniz
Many thanks to Friends of the Earth, Bug Life, Urban Bees, Tiptree, Rowse Honey, Hobbycraft, TTS, Rupert Dannreuther, Ben Ringham

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