A performance forged from the imaginations of the children of North Devon and built live on stage each night by artist Myrridin Drualus Pharo.

Exeter. March 2017.
The chocolate river laps at the Quayside.
The unicorns sing unheard beneath the rumble of traffic.
In the sky above us Mars is burning.
On top of the mountain the last cat alive mourns the scientists who saved him, but are long since dead.
In the city centre a crack is appearing.
Who is coming?
Which side are you on ?

This makes an embarrassment of the countless blockbusters, state-of-the-art video games and grandiose sets which wilt in comparison to this paper town in this tiny theatre.
Simply put, this has no right to be as moving, terrifying and funny as it is.
The content is a curation of data gathered from a handful of primary schools around the Devon area.
It’s a totally unbounded ambition fuelled by the unlimited imagination of children and it’s a wondrous success.
Something very rare indeed.
A bewildering storm of the fears and hopes of a fantastic, real, paper world.

International Theatre Reviews

‘I popped in to the village hall to say hi and thank you after hearing it was a cracker of a show and was greated by Nigel stacking the lighting equipment, Myrdd hiding sweets and Louise starting to sweep up what seemed to be hot chocolate and Maltesers from the floor!
Nigel and Louise had been to our school before and helped the children to write and act out an uplifting story about fairy lands full of sweets but also dark zones with Gordon loading flame throwers on to his tractor.
As Beaford Arts’ tweet says
"Nigel and Louise's collaboration with the next generation was phenomenal - totally respecting 8-yr-olds' imaginations! Wow !”
Well done to the children for helping to write it, but thanks also to Nigel and Louise and Myrdd for presenting such a brilliant show!’

Performed in the daytimes at schools and village halls across North Devom for children and their families. Performed in the evenings at the Bike Shed Theatre for adults.

Design : Mydd Pharo
Sound design : Kieran Lucas
Lighting : Josh Pharo
Model construction and design : Amy Pitt

A Beaford Arts and Bike Shed Commission supported by Arts Council, England

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