Nigel & Louise are working class artists

‘Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari are pioneers in the field of live performance.
They are truly one of a kind, creating innovative, unique, boundary-pushing work that makes you think, makes you laugh, makes you question, makes you giddy with excitement, makes you see the world through a different lens.
Constantly responsive to spaces, participants, history, communities, and new and evolving trends - they create events, they create experiences, they create work that is uncategorisable, unpredictable and unforgettable.’
James Pidgeon. Shoreditch Town Hall/Regents Park Open Air Theatre

'I am privileged to experience new works by new artists on a weekly, if not daily, basis and I trust that I have developed the critical faculties to know great work when I see it. I believe that Nigel and Louise are two of the most generous and original artists working in the UK today.'
Lois Keidan, Founder of Live Art Development Agency

'Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari are compelling artists at the centre of an important movement that dismisses divisions between visual art, live art and theatre. Their practice is restless and probing, with a wit, intellegence and imagination that makes it sustain'
Tim Crouch, writer

'Nigel and Louise have created quite the most distinctive, unique and disturbing projects of any of the artists we've worked with at Forest Fringe. Their work, and their approach to making it, is exhilarating and relentless. Yet in addition to this unique strain of adventurousness, their work remains thoughtful and intelligent, in ways that are accessible yet challenging, immensely fun yet consistently disturbing. They are true originals'
Andy Field, Forest Fringe

'Nigel and Louise's work is always bold, always ready to throw itself in front of an excited crowd. Their work is original with a dark humour that is visually arresting but subtle, complex but accessible to curious audiences'
Gemma Paintin, Action Hero

'When I encounter Nigel and Louise, I have the invigorating feeling of being caught in a fire of ideas. But it isnʼt just that they are constantly creating; they are doing it with total conviction and dedication and leave you with the impression that there is nothing they set their vision to that they canʼt make happen.'
Erin Brubacher artist, director, curator Toronto, Canada

Nigel and Louise are my go to artists when I am looking for exciting and ground breaking new work. They can make work from an idea, an artwork, a principle, a visual, from science or technology or indeed from a passing comment. They are consummately professional, passionate and innovative. Top of all my lists
Tania Harrison, Latitude Festival/Destination City

‘Nigel and Louise are two of my very favourite theatre-makers. They make you fall in love with anarchy. 
Each piece they make is entirely different, but every show is thoughtful, deeply researched, and utterly surprising.
John McGrath, Manchester International Festival

Nigel and Louise are unique. They approach each piece of work with a freshness that makes the end result so different it’s sometimes hard to believe they’re made by the same artists. What does unify each production, though, is a commitment to originality and liveness - that thrilling, barely comfortable sense that something could go wrong at any time, but never does.
David Lockwood, Bike Shed/Trowbridge Town Hall/The Arts Development Company

Nigel and Louise are always thinking outside of all the boxes, these guys strech, expand and utterly confound minds. They make completely original theatre experiences.
Ali Pidsley  Barrel Organ

‘Nigel and Louise are the subversive godparents of alternative theatre.
They have made some of the best, weirdest, most brilliant bonkers shit I’ve seen in ten years of theatregoing.’
Megan Vaughan  "Synonyms For Churlish"

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