with Nicola T Chang

If you’re ever in London and looking for something free and fun to do with kids aged 7-10 then this could be your answer.

The Unicorn invited us to make an original sound walk for their local area, so we set ourselves the challenge of making an adventure game that children and adults could play together. It needed to be as fun for the adults as it was for the children. The important thing for us was that it should feel live, and be experienced in the moment as live, with the events unfolding around you, moving with you - with the city as our set and its people as the players. So we used binaural sound technology to place the audience at the centre of events as they happen. It was an intricate house of cards to build, but it has been an absolute joy to watch it working. It is something we are immensely proud of

All you need is an audio device each - like a phone or an MP3 player - and your own set of headphones. The audio tour starts at the Unicorn Theatre and lasts 45 minutes.
No booking required.


‘a thrill ride for the ears’ 
‘I think its bloody brillaint’

Sound Designer   Nicola T. Chang
Assistant Director & Dramaturg   Rohan Gotobed
Sound Consultants   Ben and Max Ringham
Performed by  Amaarah Roze, Nigel Barrett, Louise Mari, Nicola Chang, Ndabane Makukula, Rohan Gotobed with Nikunj Gupta, Ada Yarar, Guy Hargeaves, Kanako Nakano, Miranda Hamill, Gaetano Borgia and Southwark & Lambeth Young Carers.

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